Everything has a story

I often see chairs and sofas abandoned outside their former homes here in my hometown of Los Angeles.

When I see them there, just sitting there, so sad and alone, I’m struck by how sad it makes me feel.

So, I set out on a photo journey around town and I took the photos below.

And I listened to them. I really listened.

This is their story.

Big enough for two! You used to say. 624 Sundays you read the funnies out loud to the little ones as they curled up onto us.

Whoever gets me next probably reads the paper online from an office chair or a yoga ball while I remember that someone once raised a family of funnies on me.

Heart chair in search of a forever patio. Please swipe right.

This one was spotted in the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy…

Mi sono seduta nella tua cucina per vent’anni.

l’odore dell’aglio, delle cipolle e della salsa di pomodoro nei miei stessi pori. a volte ho visto le tue lacrime cadere nella salsa.

non l’ho mai detto.

i sat in your kitchen for 20 years. the smells of garlic, onion and tomato sauce in my very pores.

i once saw your tears fall into the sauce.

i never told.

If you’re tired enough, I’m still the most comfortable chair you’ve ever sat on.

Former Dating Game Show Host. Current Author, TV/Film/VO Actor & Artist. Enthusiasm Enthusiast. 🥳 Care to support the arts? https://ko-fi.com/anniewood

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