Why Is Everyone Hating on Diana, The Musical So Much?

3 min readOct 6, 2021

When I freakin’ LOVED IT

image from Netflix

I’m not usually one who gets excited writing an “unpopular opinion” piece. Okay, except that one time when I wrote about not liking cake (AKA: a sponge dipped in sugar.) But I couldn’t sleep last night after reading all the seething comments on Twitter about a musical I had just thoroughly enjoyed watching. And now I must know, why must you hate it so?

Oh, and if you don’t like musicals, you will absolutely hate it. Because, well, IT’S A MUSICAL!

But if you do like musicals, especially if you are normally a fan of rock/pop musicals, I am asking you, did you also hate it? Because for me, Diana had glimpses of Rocky Horror, Little Shop and one song reminded me of What’s the buzz? from Jesus Christ Superstar which is my all-time fav musical.

I need to talk about the one recurring comment I kept running into last night, the one about the musical being ‘unintentionally funny.”

In the song introducing Diana’s lover, Here Comes James Hewitt, a sexy shirtless dude arrives from under the stage on a mechanical bull singing,

Ladies, if your life’s gone off course, you don’t need a messy divorce all you need a man on a horse!

Not high drama there. But also, not trying to be.

When Charles is about to announce his affair on TV, Diana goes out in that famous black dress and there’s a song about it. Her personal dresser sings,

What better way to impress than…


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