I Dated a Rock Star in the 1990s

4 min readOct 27, 2022

…and all I got was a lousy t-shirt

Photo of John Corabi circa 1997, taken by the author, Annie Wood in West Hollywood, CA

Okay, I didn’t really get a t-shirt.

But I do remember a hat we took turns wearing with the words F*C% EVERYBODY on it. My black lab, Addie used to wear it when she was feeling feisty.

So why am I thinking about all this now? Well, Corabi has a new book out and I make an appearance in it, along with many peeps I knew back in the day. (My bit is on page 277–279 in the hardcover, in case you’re interested.)

Get the book here

You might remember that I mentioned John in my essay about the time I was a guest on The Tonight Show.

I was hosting my TV show, BZZZ! when I first met Corabi and I had just bought my own place. I was living the dream.

I was never much of groupie or anything, but I do admire talent. I often had close friends who were musicians, actors and writers. For those who don’t know, Corabi replaced Vince Neil in the band Motley Crue for awhile. I didn’t/don’t know much about the band but John and I did bond over music. Specifically, The Beatles. Most of my parties had a Beatles jam session in the living room. And booze. Lots of booze.

Maybe the night we met?

I had a twenty-something bday part in my penthouse condo in West Hollywood (man, I loved that place!) and a couple of mutual friends, Bruce Kulick (from KISS) and Curt Cuomo (music producer whom years later would become my 2nd husband) and the two of them brought John to my party.




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