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I am not your muse

My artwork currently on exhibit at the Laurie Shapiro Gallery in Los Angeles

Okay, I’m not JUST your muse.

Because inspiring someone to create is kinda fun but for me, the thing that really tickles my fancy is being inspired and creating art myself. And according to facts, women have been practically shut out from the art world for many moons. That’s because, big surprise, the fellas are the ones running things.

Three of the most-visited museums in the world, the British Museum, the Louvre , and The Metropolitan Museum of Art have never had female directors.

In my solo exhibit last year, Pardon Me While I Blaze Some Trails, featuring 12 trailblazing women, one of the women who inspired a piece I did is Corinne Michael West. She was an abstract expressionist mostly forgotten until recently.

Artwork by me inspired by a vintage photo of Corinne

She went by Michael West to get a leg up. Women artists Lee (Lenore) Krasner and George (Grace) Hartigan did the same thing as it was understood that if gallery owners thought the artist was a man, they’d have a better chance of getting their work exhibited.

There are no women in the top 0.03% of the auction market, where 41% of the profit is concentrated. Overall, 96% of artworks sold at auction are by male artists.

-Bocart et al., “Glass Ceilings in the Art Market”

I was recently in a Clubhouse Room (me-> anniewoodworld)

Where we chatted about Guerrilla Girls. I had seen some of their stuff in the LACMA gift store before but I didn’t know that much about them. Guerrilla Girls are a super cool group of women artists getting the word out in memorable ways about the underrepresentation of women in the art world.

My fav billboard from Guerrilla Girls

I love Frida Kahlo.

For many peeps, Frida is the name that comes to mind when you ask them who their favorite woman artist is.

Photo by Darian Conradie on Unsplash

I get it. I love her too. Also, they made a movie about her, so that helps cement her name and story in many people's minds.

Let’s add to the list! YAY! A LIST! I curated a small list below of names of famous and less famous women artists.

Oh and if you’re wondering how to support women artists.

Share their work on social media or in your newsletter with links to their site. Shoutouts are fantastic! Many artists have Patreons or Ko-fi profiles where you can tip them whatever you’d like. Sometimes we raise money for specific shows or needed art supplies. And of course, if their work resonates with you, buy!

#supportlivingartists — they can use the money.

A Few of My Fav Living Women Artists

Jordan Casteel

Maria Kalman

Kara Walker

August Lamm

Delita Martin

Jenny Kroik

Below are links to the awesome women artist in the show I’m currently in curated by Olivia Mia Orozco at the artist, Laurie Shapiro’s gallery, which is art itself, created by Laurie Shapiro.

Alexandra Wisenfeld

Mary Margaret

Alexandra Carter

Ibuki Kuramochi

Ilaria de Plano

Lauren Jenkins

Laurie Shapiro

If you are an art collector or if you know of an art collector who is interested in visiting the Evolution of a Woman exhibit, you can make an appointment here.

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