Is it a bunny or a duck?

Bunny or Duck? — mixed media artwork on canvas by Annie Wood

I’m not positive, but I may have hit the I’ve-thought-about-this-one-thing-way-too-much-already-wall.

As soon as my diagnosis came in I wrote this. Then I joined a few ADHD FB groups. Then I Googled, actually, I use Duck Duck Go, so, I Duck Duck goed everything I possibly could about ADHD. I read books. I bought fidget toys (actually quite helpful) I read…

I Got an ADHD Diagnoses Smack-dab in the Middle of my Life!
Now what?

Self Portrait by the author, Annie Wood

The way I respond to life when I’m struggling, grieving, curious, or sad is…

I write it out until I figure it out.

It’s what I know to do that soothes me. So now, in my desire to make sense of my own brain, I’m writing this down and sharing it with you. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. …

It’s my new mantra

Photo of the author, Annie Wood, taken by Peter Arpesella

For many years now I start each day with yoga and meditation.

My meditations vary, sometimes it consists of simple stillness, sometimes it incorporates music, and often singing and chanting. (In the same way I enjoy many forms of creativity, I enjoy many forms of spiritual upliftment.)

Each year I create a new playlist I call morning mantras…

VR wisdom is real

Photo by Barbara Zandoval on Unsplash

I know what you’re thinking, am I about to read a story written by the type of person who finds life lessons in everything?

Yes, yes you are.

For my 2020 birthday, I received the fabulous gift of an Occulus Quest 2. And inside this virtual reality headset lives many a world. Like, many. There’s a meditation app called Tripp that’s super cool. They have tons of guided meditations for…

And I wrote it down and filmed it

photo by the author

This summer while visiting my husband’s hometown of Rimini, Italy, we visited with a childhood friend of his.

I’ve been learning Italian on my own (Pimsleur audio) for several years now, and even though I’m getting better and better, sometimes when the Italian around me is coming at me at lightning speeds, I need a brain break. This was such…


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