My book has been launched

cover art by the author

Now what?

When you don’t have a PR team to get the word out, what to do? Everything solo. That’s how it goes. So, welcome to this post! 😁

Putting your art out there is always a risk.

I ask myself, will anyone read it? Like it? Share it? Care at all?

If you haven’t read how this particular book came to be, here’s that story:

I’m a writer through and through so even if this book doesn’t fly off the shelves, I needed to write it, so I did. Now I’m sharing it. And I choose to remain hopeful that my stories will connect with…

and I don’t think he liked me so much

getty images


It feels so far, far away. Like maybe it all happened in a dream or a movie. But not a movie that I wrote and starred in. Just one I happen to have watched, on a loop, for several years. God, I miss that movie.

I used to have my own TV show

A nationally syndicated dating game show called BZZZ! (it just enjoyed a re-airing in Feb 2020 on BuzzrTV!)

Having my own TV show was a lifelong dream come true. I told E! Entertainment News in a segment, “All I ever wanted was a dog and my own TV show. Now I have both!” I was…

A poem

Peter & Annie — selfie (with an actual camera!) by the author and her monkey-arm

Sly and the Family Stone dancing in my brain,
I wanna thank you… for letting me… be myself… again.
A quick courtship of hello,
I love you,
let’s elope.
12 years in,
more in than ever
How do we do it?
We don’t do it
as much as be it
even when we’re not
mostly only a room away
Doing our things
meeting in the kitchen to tell each other about the things we are doing.
I wanna thank you… for letting me… be myself… again.

When I think of us I think — enthusiasm
We both have…

A poem

artwork by author

And what about the other tears?
Tears of wonderandwow
Tears of look at this brand new baby
Tears of can you see how tall that tree has grown?
Tears of how vast can that ocean be?
Tears of have you ever heard a song so beautiful?

Thoughts on Releasing

Artwork by Author, Annie Wood

HA’SHMITA = The Year of Release

Today is the first day of Yom Kippur. (*why you don’t wish someone a happy Yom Kippur- please see below.)

Growing up, Yom Kippur meant spending the day with my mom (I always loved that) and fasting all day (didn’t always love that), and thinking about my life, my thoughts, and my actions in the past year. Asking for forgiveness for myself and giving forgiveness to others.

The High Holidays are the holiest of holidays for my peeps, which starts off with Rosh Hashanah, a celebration of the Jewish new year, fun! And closes with Yom Kippur which is ……

The rewrite

Photo by the author

I had the great pleasure of going to the Vincent Van Gogh Experience here in L.A. and it was a gorgeous, soul-soothing event.

In the accompanying app, we were able to type in a letter to Vincent and we were promised that he would write back. This setup was placed near an installation of a thousand copies of letters he had written in his lifetime. Apparently, Vinnie was a master letter writer.

And low and behold, just one second after I hit “send” — Vincent responded to me with a letter addressed to me! His letter was okay…


Photo by Stux on Pixabay

back to school commercials make me queasy.
queasy and uneasy
with the thought of summer’s end
I am an adult.
(I know that.)
I don’t have to go to school.
(I know that.)
I don’t have to stop going on road trips
or to the beach.
(I know that.)
But my stomach has yet to share this information with my brain
so I must look away. Shield my eyes from the backpacks
and pencil holders.
No, not yet! I cry, I’m not ready. I need more time!
Time in the sunshine.
Time in freedom.
Time in play.
I try to soothe myself with the words, it’s okay, there will be another summer.
Seasons come and go. That’s the…

Remembering the movies and the people I watched them with

Artwork by the author

What I watched with you. All of you. The yous of my life.

I remember the scenes so vividly. All I have to do is press pause again and rewind and it will play for me in vibrant Technicolor and classic black and white.

“The Mosquito Coast” as I lay in my hotel bed in Costa Rica desperately trying to avoid a stranger who couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Notes slide under my door from the hotel staff. A man is calling. A man was always calling. Sometimes it was nice other times it was not. This particular one tried to get me to eat a hallucinogenic flower that grew wild in…

I did the research so you don’t have to

Photo collage by author. That’s Shanti the dog. I don’t know the squirrel's name.

I was reading about the Delta Variant, which in some areas, like mine (Los Angeles) is escalating like a squirrel up a tree after it locks eyes with my tiny monster-dog, Shanti.

According to the CDC site, the Delta variant is super contagious.

The Delta variant is more than 2x as contagious as previous variants. -CDC

Even though you’re more likely to get it if you’re unvaccinated, even vaccinated folx need to take precautions, and vaccinated folx can spread the disease. I personally know of two local kids who got it…

A poem

Artwork by the author — purchase here

Dad falls backward as if he’s backing away from it all
Even standing still he looks as if he’s about to tip back
Back into time
Back into rest
Mom was different
She fell forward
Forward into the next moment
Forward so she could see what’s coming
Forward into life
Until the last fall
That one wasn’t into life
At least not this one
Did she see it coming? …


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