My book has been launched

cover art by the author

Now what?

When you don’t have a PR team to get the word out, what to do? Everything solo. That’s how it goes. So, welcome to this post! 😁

Putting your art out there is always a risk.

I ask myself, will anyone read it? Like it? Share it? Care at all?

If you haven’t read how this particular book came to be, here’s that story:

I’m a writer through and through so even if this book doesn’t fly off the shelves, I needed to write it, so I did. Now I’m sharing it. And I choose to remain hopeful that my stories will connect with…

and I don’t think he liked me so much

getty images


It feels so far, far away. Like maybe it all happened in a dream or a movie. But not a movie that I wrote and starred in. Just one I happen to have watched, on a loop, for several years. God, I miss that movie.

I used to have my own TV show

A nationally syndicated dating game show called BZZZ! (it just enjoyed a re-airing in Feb 2020 on BuzzrTV!)

Having my own TV show was a lifelong dream come true. I told E! Entertainment News in a segment, “All I ever wanted was a dog and my own TV show. Now I have both!” I was…

And let your inner child run the show

Photo by Sylvanus Urban on Unsplash

Sometimes, when I feel the urge to create something (always) I feel pulled in so many directions I overwhelm myself with all of my want tos.

What should I do? What do I make? Then what do I do with it? So many questions keeping trying to keep me from making the thing I want to make. So instead of attempting to answer them, what do I do?

I give myself a time-out.

I close my eyes, I breathe, and I imagine creating various things. Eventually, the thing I end up making is the one that, when I visualized it, made me smile. …

Or is it?

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Turns out, we don’t know! Because our memories of what used to be, can’t fully be trusted. Also, I “remembered” that Will Rodgers was the originator of the quote, “Nostalgia, it ain’t what it used to be,” but apparently, according to Quotes Investigator, it could be any of these folx.

I’ve often noticed that we tend to romanticize yesterday like it’s a precious keepsake that must shine like the top of the Chrysler building. The past, the way we choose to remember it, sometimes shines so freakin’ bright it hurts our eyes. Other times it’s the exact…

It’s rad and da bomb

Photo by saskia fairfull on Unsplash

My bestie is coming to town!

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We both grew up in Los Angeles and met as actor kids back in the 80s. We were competing in a school drama festival at the time. These festivals were a big deal back when we were kids — schools from all around Los Angeles would perform scenes and judges would determine the winners at the end and our school would get money and awards. Actually, this bit always pissed me off. I once…

Artist Statement

All artwork by the author, Annie Wood

When a face emerges
i am always delighted
caught in a wind storm
about to be blown away
or swallowed whole

…You got to make the morning last

Be Kind to Yourself and Slow Down — artwork by the author

Looking for fun and feeling’ groovy. -Simon and Garfunkel

Previously on “In Annie’s life”…

I dropped and shattered a dish on the way to the sink.

It went like this… I was holding a carton of almond milk in my left hand and a dog dish in my right hand, I leaned towards the ground to put the dish down but then thought I should put the milk in the fridge first, and then I thought about putting the kettle on for tea and nothing got done or put away because my mind and body were moving in warp speed and CRASH went the dish! Better the dish, than me, I guess.

Why so fast?

A poem

photo by the author, Annie Wood

Sitting on the deck
on your 4th cigarette
you only pause
when a butterfly comes near
you put down the cigarette
you stop talking
you watch in awe
in reverence
of even the boring white ones
you view them all as magic
deserving of a pause
you wonder out loud
what are her wings made of?
it must be nice.
to have wings to take you where you want to go.

i have lived six years without you now
whenever i see a butterfly
i think it’s you
so i ask you,
what are your wings made of?
you answer,
my wings are made of…

Maybe let it.

Photo by Gwen King on Unsplash

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end… It hurts to set you free
But you’ll never follow me… -The Doors

Breakups, divorce, so long, farewells, auf wiedersehen, goodbye…

Sometimes I’m able to view all of my past relationships as one long movie montage. Long walks on the beach, playful wrestling on the sand, laughter. New furniture, pizza, and a movie, Christmas trees, and menorahs. Parents. Mine and theirs. Friends, mine, theirs, and shared. Fights. Tears. Colds and flus. Jealousies and doubts. Parties and long rides home. Too much to drink. Hangovers and eating in bed. Having sex, making love, fucking…


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