My book has been launched

cover art by the author

Now what?

When you don’t have a PR team to get the word out, what to do? Everything solo. That’s how it goes. So, welcome to this post! 😁

Putting your art out there is always a risk.

I ask myself, will anyone read it? Like it? Share it? Care at all?

If you haven’t read…

and I don’t think he liked me so much

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It feels so far, far away. Like maybe it all happened in a dream or a movie. But not a movie that I wrote and starred in. Just one I happen to have watched, on a loop, for several years. God, I miss that movie.

I used to have my own TV show

A nationally syndicated dating game…

And I wrote it down and filmed it

photo by the author

This summer while visiting my husband’s hometown of Rimini, Italy, we visited with a childhood friend of his.

I’ve been learning Italian on my own (Pimsleur audio) for several years now, and even though I’m getting better and better, sometimes when the Italian around me is coming at me at lightning speeds, I need a brain break. This was such…

A story of Love and Friendship.

Source: Unsplash

I’ve known Anika and Kenji for 27 lifetimes now. A psychic once told us that. But this current life, this one that we’re currently in right now, this one that I’m about to tell you about — it’s by far my favorite. At least I think it is. I can’t…

When I freakin’ LOVED IT

image from Netflix

I’m not usually one who gets excited writing an “unpopular opinion” piece. Okay, except that one time when I wrote about not liking cake (AKA: a sponge dipped in sugar.) But I couldn’t sleep last night after reading all the seething comments on Twitter about…

October 2, 2021

Source for all photos: the author

There is a belief in this country, a sickness, that other people can and will be controlled.

-Women’s March speaker

When I first started watching The Handmaid's Tale I thought, Well, this is a scary story but it could never happen here and now. …


Photo by Anastasiia Balandina on Unsplash

It’s early summer and the fresh crop just came in
large and juicy, growing on the twigs of last year
Later in the same summer, there will be another crop
and the new fruit will be juicer,
better than the last
It’s not a prediction
It’s just how it works
But you don’t…

A poem

Peter & Annie — selfie (with an actual camera!) by the author and her monkey-arm

Sly and the Family Stone dancing in my brain,
I wanna thank you… for letting me… be myself… again.
A quick courtship of hello,
I love you,
let’s elope.
12 years in,
more in than ever
How do we do it?
We don’t do it
as much as be it
even when we’re not
mostly only a room away

A poem

artwork by author

And what about the other tears?
Tears of wonderandwow
Tears of look at this brand new baby
Tears of can you see how tall that tree has grown?
Tears of how vast can that ocean be?
Tears of have you ever heard a song so beautiful?
Tears of being in love melting into a…


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