Chronicling dad’s dementia

Photo by the author

sitting in my dad’s favorite chair
the one he can barely get out of
watching a Shark Tank rerun waiting for him to return from the ER
we’re asking for $500,000 in exchange for 3% ownership in our company.
crazy evaluation
dad’s place was visited by Jumanji
door unlocked
socks everywhere
why was there a sock explosion?
lights on

I drew Dad’s voice

Nudnik, charcoal drawing by the author

I gave him a face
this voice of yours
you’re right
he does look troubled
he has what I have. the same disease.

you call him your friend
your enemy
the most brilliant man
the most despicable person
so witty
so vulgar
He knows so much about our family
about you
how does he know so much?
i tell you he knows what…

Is it a bunny or a duck?

Bunny or Duck? — mixed media artwork on canvas by Annie Wood

I’m not positive, but I may have hit the I’ve-thought-about-this-one-thing-way-too-much-already-wall.

As soon as my diagnosis came in I wrote this. Then I joined a few ADHD FB groups. Then I Googled, actually, I use Duck Duck Go, so, I Duck Duck goed everything I possibly could about ADHD. I read books. I bought fidget toys (actually quite helpful) I read…


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